Where are you based?

On the Navan Road in Dublin 7.

Do you offer a Collect & Delivery Service?

We offer this service to any club based in Dublin.

How long will it take to restring my racquet?

Under normal circumstances we would expect to complete the restring within 48 hours of receiving it. If it is likely to take longer, we will notify you by text. If the racquet requires a replacement grommet strip or any string that is not stocked this will add an extra 24 hours to the time taken.

Is express stringing on request?

This is available on stocked strings or if you are providing the string. This service costs an extra €5.

Can I supply my own string?

Yes of course, there is a standard charge of €15 for this service.

Does my restring carry any guarantee?

We will always try to be as fair as possible. For many reasons, strings can break, even new strings after limited use. Obviously the amount of use will be a major factor, likewise taking my advice at the point of re-stringing about the need to replace grommets and bumper strips will need to be considered when returning the racquet and finally giving the strings abuse beyond their intended parameters. So, in response to the original question, the answer has to be we take each problem and treat it on its own merits.

However, we always try to reach an amicable conclusion- it’s in everybody’s interest!

Can re-stringing break my racquet?

A racquet is at its optimum structural integrity when it is first strung. Wear and tear in the cut and thrust of competitive sports means that invisible structural anomalies may develop in the racquet. Therefore, you should be aware that there is a VERY SLIGHT risk of the frame breaking during the re-stringing process, especially at high tensions.

We always visually inspect every racquet before commencing a re-string and will inform you if we see any obvious problems. It is the customer’s choice to go ahead with the re-string if any defects are identified.

Please note that we do not offer any guarantees against breakage and will not be held responsible. Owners send their racquet/s at their own risk.

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